Where is the list of all the reports, Version 9.x has?

FAQ ID:    FAQ823
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/30/2010


User Behaivor:

  • Blocked Web Browsing per User
  • Web Browsing per Category
  • Web Browsing per Day
  • Web Browsing per Day of Week
  • Web Browsing per Group
  • Web Browsing per Hour of Day
  • Web Browsing per Month
  • Web Browsing per Site
  • Web Browsing per User
  • Web Browsing per User and Category
  • Web Searches


  • Blocked Web Browsing by User Agent
  • Blocked Web Sites
  • Filtering Verdict Trend by Day
  • Malware Requests Blocked by Site
  • Potential Malware Infected Clients
  • ProxyAV Malware Detected: Client IP
  • ProxyAV Malware Detected: Names
  • ProxyAV Malware Detected: Sites
  • SSL Certificate Categories
  • SSL Certificate Errors

Bandwith Usage:

  • Bandwidth Cost per User
  • Bandwidth Cost per User and Site
  • Bandwidth Used per Day
  • Bandwidth Used per Day of Week
  • Bandwidth Used per Hour of Day
  • Bandwidth Used per Month
  • Requests per Content Type
  • Requests per Protocol
  • Web Requests per Client IP

Base Reports:

  • Action
  • Category
  • Cert Svr Domain
  • Certificate Category
  • Certificate Error
  • Cipher Strength
  • Client IP
  • Content Type
  • Group
  • Log Source
  • Malware
  • Method
  • Port
  • Protocol
  • Site
  • Status
  • User
  • User Agent
  • Verdict

Trend Reports

  • Year
  • Month
  • Week
  • Day
  • Hour
  • Day of Week
  • Hour of Day

Log Detail

  • Full Log Detail

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