What value should you set in terms of the total space used on disk for access logs?

FAQ ID:    FAQ824
Version:    5.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/04/2010
Updated:    10/05/2010


The SG configuration provides settings that allow it to trigger a early upload.  These triggers are  dependent on amount of disk space the access logs are consuming.  What should be taken into consideration when setting your maximum and early upload log sizes? If we set, say 32 GIG  for the total system access logging means  the SG immediately sets aside 32 GIG of disk space that cannot be used for caching. 

Steps to find this setting in the SG administrator interface:

  • Login to you SG using you admin account.
  • Navigate to the configuration tab.
  • Navigate to Access Logging > General > Global Settings

The value here is  "Limit total system access logging to _________ megabytes"

While there may be a certain period of time where this space is not consumed by access logging, in practice, it's best to assume that the value you set above will eventually be consumed by access logging, and not be available for caching.  Once the space has been used at least once for access logging it is never returned to the general pool of disk space on the SG.  

NOTE:  Once the SG has used this space for access logging, the only way to release this space into the general pool is to drop the above value back down. 

For information on what type of access logs should be uploaded to the Bluecoat Reporter product, please see FAQ282

For information on how to setup of the SG to send it's access logging to a Bluecoat Reporter server, via FTP, see KB2983  This document also explains the above informatoin in more detail in it's EXAMPLES section.

For information on various FTP log source issues with Bluecoat Reporter, see KB3275



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