What are the affects of turning off The Page View combiner in Reporter, version 9.x.

FAQ ID:    FAQ828
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/07/2010
Updated:    07/23/2010


NOTE: For a definition of how Page View Combiner ( PVC)  works, please see KB1774

Before you turn off the PVC, here is a list of concerns you need to be aware of so you can make this decision fully aware of all the implications.

A:  Turning off the PVC turns off the combining of multiple requests into a single entry in the database.  It does not turn off the counting of page views.  Reporter still calculates page views even if the PVC is off. 

A request is only determined to be a page view if it meets the following criteria: 

  • sc-status field is "200"
  • content type is "text/html"
  • The verdict does not begin with the string "Denied" 
  • sc-filter-category is not "Web Advertisements" or "Non-viewable".

NOTE: IF you are using special policy that presents a custom made denied page to your users, please see KB3511 

 B:  Other values that will be affected by turning off the PVC, is browse time, and the totaly number of sites you see per database. Browse time will increase in value because we will no longer attempt to reduce the affect of running two browsers, or two browser sessions from one Client IP address.   The PVC uses a 30 second window, or cut off point, in determining if there are two browsers actively looking at websites from the same ip address.  Disabling PVC will also change the distribution of counter values across sites, categories, and also possibly other fields.  In general, disabing the PVC should not change the distribution of counter values across users or client ip's.  You will see this affect especialy in the the total number of  sites per database, as they  will likely increase significantly.  (One of the main advantages of PVC compression is lowering total number of sites per database, and the sites dataset  is always the largest in any database ).  This will increase the amount of memory used by Reporter for all datasets that contain the site column.  This will make all reports that have site as a column run slower. 

C: Once you turn off the PVC, we believe you should still be able to upgrade your reporter versions to to the latest versions, as they become available.

Steps to turn it off:

  • Login in with you admin acount, and make a note of the name of the database you want to change.
  • Logout and Stop the reporter service.
  • Find the database configuration file that you wish to make this change with. 
  • All database configuration files are kept in the database folder under settings.  ( The "human" name of each database is found inside each file)
  • In this file, in the db config file, find the section under miscellaneous, under statistics (same place you find the "count_denied_page_views" node, and add a new line "use_pvc = "false"". 
  • Restart the service, and pvc will be off for future log processing on that db. (this only works on recent versions of 9 - not too long ago we fixed a bug in the original release where we were ignoring this flag).
  • To have this change take place for the entire database, you will need to to reset the database, and reprocess the logs. For instructions on how to do this, see FAQ415



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