Window SSO authentication may get "NetServerEnum Got an error 6118", can use windows utility "browstat status -v " to check

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Version:    2.0
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Published date:    07/16/2010
Updated:    07/16/2010


Part of BCAAA Debug log:

2009/09/08 15:51:33.595 [9900] DCQ_administrator::Discover_domain_controllers
2009/09/08 15:51:33.595 [9900] Windows_domain_manager::Discover_domains
2009/09/08 15:51:33.626 [9900] Domain AAA user NETSHOWSERVICES
2009/09/08 15:51:33.626 [9900] Found domain AAA
2009/09/08 15:51:33.626 [9900] Windows_domain::netbios_discover_domain_controllers  AAA (AAA)
2009/09/08 15:51:59.329 [9900] NetServerEnum Got an error 6118
2009/09/08 15:51:59.329 [9900] [14128:9900] Cannot find domain controllers for domain AAA.; status=6118:0x17e6:The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available


Use windows tool browstat to test, see if it works, run it at the server where BCAAA installed, this is the similar windows API which BCAAA used.

Syntax for browstat.exe:

browstat status -v <domain name>
(e,g, browstat status -v AAA)


Location to download the Support Tools that contains the executable "browstat":

Instructions for installing "Windows Support Tools":




It may also related to KB3823 


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