Troubleshooting Web Sites

FAQ ID:    FAQ907
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/22/2010
Updated:    01/19/2011



When accessing some sites, issues can arise depending an various factors. The ProxySG has many features that enhance and accelerate access to web sites but can have the opposite effect.

If you come across a site when going via a ProxySG shows problems/performance then the following CPL Code can be used to assist troubleshooting.

What this policy does is disable many of the ProxySG feature set. By doing this we can use this is a starting identifying what is causing the problem.

    * No Persistence connection
    * No Authentication
    * Bypass Cache
    * No ICAP
    * No Prefetch/pipeline
    * No Protocol Detect


    ;; Tab: [Disable Proxy Features]
      condition=ByPassProxy authenticate(no)

      condition=ByPassProxy bypass_cache(yes) http.client.persistence(no) http.server.persistence(no)

      condition=ByPassProxy detect_protocol(none)
  ;; Tab: [Disable Proxy Prefecth/AV]
      condition=ByPassProxy pipeline(no) request.icap_service(no)
  ;; Tab: [Add Sites to bypass for testing]
  define condition ByPassProxy
  end condition ByPassProxy


If using this CPL Code solves the problem then you can start commenting out each rule  (add ;; to beginning of line) until you find out which part is causing the problem.


    ;;  condition=ByPassProxy authenticate(no)


Note : when performing this troubleshooting process, remember that web sites also have links to other sites like tracking sites so make sure you include all the domains in the list.


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