How do I export/import a ProxySG appliance key?

FAQ ID:    FAQ938
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/02/2010


  1. To view a list of exportable keys, log in to the Management Console and select Configuration > SSL > Keyrings. The keyrings associated with the appliance are displayed. Keyrings with exportable keys have a Yes in the Show field.
  2. To export the private key, connect to the ProxySG appliance's CLI and enter the following command:
                 ssl view keypair <Keyring Name>
This will print out the private key for you.
  1. Copy the private key  to Notepad. You can then import the key onto the other ProxySG appliance.
  2. To import the private key, log in to the Management Console of the appliance where you want to import the key and select Configuration > SSL > Keyrings.
  3. To create a new keyring for the private key, click Create.
  4. Enter a Keyring Name for the new keyring.
  5. Select Import Key Ring.
  6. Paste the private key you copied from the other appliance into the Keyring text box and then click OK.
  7. Click Apply.



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