What HTTP status codes does Reporter store in its database?

FAQ ID:    FAQ960
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/12/2010
Updated:    08/12/2010


With Reporter, version 8.x, most HTTP status codes that did not relate to viewable content were ignored.

With Reporter, version 9.x, all HTTP status codes are stored in the database  once they are seen in a access log, unless these  conditions are met:

  • The HTTP Status code is 407.
  • The s-action field is "TCP_AUTH_REDIRECT".

NOTE1: We do not store these these two log lines types as they  are often extremely repetitive , and would result in unnecassary disk space consumption on some log sets.  They also  provide no usefull information about a Users activities on the World Wide Web.


NOTE2: For more information on the fields in the access logs  see FAQ282


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