Why does ProxyAV810-A and B show twice as many CPUs installed when using the CLI show status command?

FAQ ID:    FAQ987
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/03/2010


Our ProxyAV product has different number of CPU installed model as below.

AV810-A: 1 CPU installed which has 1 core.
AV810-B: 2 CPU installed which has 1 core for each CPU.

However, this model of CPU running on the ProxyAV shows twice as many CPUs by show status command. e.g AV810-A -> 2 CPU installed. ProxyAV>show status

  Disks installed:         1
  Memory installed:        2048 megabytes
  CPUs installed:          2

Each CPU installed into a ProxyAV 810-A or 810-B is a Hyper-Threaded Intel CPU. Because of Intel Hyper Threading technology, two CPUs per physical CPU will show up. This is NOT a hardware problem and is working as designed.

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