Where is the Utilization Report and the Top N Sites Report in Intelligence Center 3.1.

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Version:    1.0
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Published date:    10/01/2010


In IC 3.1, we combined FDR and ME data in some new ways, allowing us to create the Top Sites Report. All of the information that was present in the old Site Utilization Report and Top N Sites Report is present in Top Sites Report.
An Example of each report is shown below:

1.    2.1.2 Site Utilization Report:

2.    2.1.2 Top N Sites Report

3. Top Sites Report.  

SECONDARY ANSWER: Most reports will migrate to IC with no discernible change to the user. However, if you are doing an upgrade, you should examine the reports you have configured and regularly use in a 2.1.x environment in a test 3.1 environment. Where possible, we also recommend that you back up your existing data before you upgrade to the new version of IC. Keep in mind that such backups require 2.2 times the size of the database in order to successfully be restored.

At worst, old reports will be retained, but new reports will generate with the new IC 3.1 definitions.

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