PacketShaper systemdisk vs datadisk

Glossary ID:    GL72
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/02/2012


You may come across customers reporting something like this: Datadisk error. The "verify -v systemdisk" is OK, and the "verify -v datadisk" did not solve the issue. From the UI : "WARNING: Errors were detected with the data drive. This may affect normal operation"... This does not mean that the Shaper has suddenly grown a second hard disk. This is a slight change in terminology in the PacketWise OS with the introduction of the PacketShaper 12000 where we have dropped the flash disk, which the Shaper is booting from, and replaced it with a hard disk. So, yes, the PS12000 has two hard disks and no flash disk. However, all other Shaper models that run recent PacketWise versions like 9.1.x will now also refer to systemdisk and datadisk. For the older models we have therefore:

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