Product Information

SGOS 6.2.1

Product Information ID:    INFO1045
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/28/2011


SGOS 6.2.1 is now available on the BlueTouch Online site. After logging in with your BTO credentials, review the Release Notes and download the software from the SGOS 6.2.x download page.

What's New

New Features

SGOS 6.2.1 contains the following new features:

  • Acceleration of encyrpted MAPI
  • Caching of Flash video-on-demand (VOD) content
  • Application filtering (filter content by Web application and/or specific operations or actions done within those applications)
  • ADN last peer detection (extends the tunnel through multiple concentrators, allowing traffic to be optimized from end to end)
  • Enhancements to the Sky UI, including new acceleration reports, CSV export of data, and proxy configuration panels
  • Other acceleration-related enhancements

Resolved Issues

SGOS 6.2.1 solves a number of issues reported in 6.1.x. See the Resolved Issues section of SGOS 6.2.x Release Notes.

Security Fix

BCAAA stack overflow vulnerability fixed. See Security Advisory SA55 (

Note: Because BCAAA for SGOS 6.2.x contains a security vulnerability fix, be sure to upgrade BCAAA even if you are already running version 130.



Debuting with SGOS 6.2 is the new Acceleration WebGuide. This WebGuide, posted on BTO, is the one-stop resource for acceleration documentation. It contains conceptual information related to WAN optimization, explains how to deploy ProxySG appliances in an application delivery network, and provides solutions on how to use the proxies to achieve different goals: accelerating applications, improving the quality of streaming media, reducing bandwidth usage, and optimizing users’ Web experience.

To view the WebGuide in your browser, click the following link:

Known Issues

The SG210-5 is not supported on SGOS 6.2 or higher because this release provides new features and capabilities that require more system resources than available on the SG210-5. (The 210-10 and 210-25 are supported on SGOS 6.2.) The SG210-5 continues to be supported on the SGOS 6.1.x releases. Please contact your sales teams for upgrade options.


See the Known Issues section of SGOS 6.2 Release Notes for additional known issues.

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