Product Information


Product Information ID:    INFO1082
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    12/01/2011


AVOS GA has been released to the BTO download siteAfter you log in with your BTO credentials, you can download the image and the release notes from the ProxyAV download site.



What's New

The ProxyAV appliance provides support for the following new features:

  • Support for the Symantec Antivirus (AV) engine.
  • Ability to configure a consent banner. This banner displays when a user logs in to the ProxyAV Management Console. When the login banner is configured and enabled, users must accept the terms defined in the banner to access the appliance.
  • Upgrade from v8.0.1.23 to v8.1.8.79 on the Kaspersky AV engine.

For a list of other enhancements, refer to the release notes.

Resolved Issues

  • Security Vulnerabilities Fixed

CVE-2010-1205: CVE-2010-1205 was a vulnerability with buffer overflow in LIBPNG. To fix this vulnerability, the ProxyAV appliance has been upgraded to use the patched version of LIBPNG (1.2.46).
CVE-2010-4180: CVE-2010-4180 was a flaw in OpenSSL that allowed an attacker to decrease the cryptographic strength of an SSL/TLS session.




For documentation on the new features in this release refer to the ProxyAV Configuration and Management Guide available at


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