Product Information

PacketShaper 8.5.6 GA

Product Information ID:    INFO1093
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/08/2012


PacketShaper 8.5.6 GA has been released on the BTO download site. Once logged in with your BlueTouch Online credentials, you can download the image and release notes from the PacketShaper download page.

What's New

No new features were introduced in 8.5.6.

Customers who are using IE9 or FF10 browser versions to access their PacketShapers will want to consider upgrading to v8.5.6; without the upgrade, these customers will not be able to securely access their PacketShapers. Before deciding whether you want to upgrade to v8.5.6 or downgrade your browser, read the release notes regarding the secure browser access patch (B#174858) .

PacketWise 8.5.6 also includes enhancements that speed up the responsiveness of the Legacy UI.

In addition, v8.5.6 resolves issues in the following areas:

  • Policies & partitions
  • Sky UI
  • PacketShaper access
  • Security
  • Miscellaneous

See PacketShaper 8.5.6 Release Notes for details.


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