Product Information


Product Information ID:    INFO1096
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/10/2012


SGOS has been released on the BTO download site. Log in with your BlueTouch Online credentials, to download the image and release notes.

What's New

SGOS has no new features. This maintenance release contains over 30 customer reported issues including the following:

  • Content Filtering: Fixed the failure with incremental updates to the SmartFilter database. This fix resolves the problem that started after 3/20/2012, where each SmartFilter database update resulted in a full database download. (B# 175149, SR 2-457400982)
  • Storage: Fixed the write failure on disk 2 of the SG510, SG300, and SG600 appliances. The disk-write failure occurred when the disks were reset to factory defaults using the restore-defaults factory-defaults CLI command; the error was logged in the ProxySG event log. (B#174801, SR 2-453029222)

For a complete list of fixes in this release, see the Release Notes.


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