Product Information


Product Information ID:    INFO1098
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/23/2012


SGOS GA is now available for download through the BTO customer download page.

What's New

SGOS is a 6.2 maintenance release that fixes 27 SGOS 6.2.x SR bugs and about 20 SGOS 5.x customer-reported issues. It contains all the fixes released in SGOS Among these issues, please note that the following prominent issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed the SmartFilter issue in which incremental updates were not being performed; instead of the incremental update, the full SmartFilter database was being downloaded. – TFA96 (B#175148)
  • Health monitoring is now switching to "warning" if the disk is showing as failing in the sysinfo log. (B#174715)
  • Fixes 11 cases of restarts
  • The malware scanning policy is generated properly after enabling malware scanning. (B#174564)
  • Added missing Verisign CA. - TFA95 (B#175121)
  • Deletes all obsolete CA certificates and updates the CA list to the latest.



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