Unable to access the ProxySG Management Console

Solutions ID:    KB1076
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    03/25/2009

Problem Description

Unable to access the ProxySG Management Console
There is a problem accessing the Web Management Console


Follow these steps to troubleshoot problems browsing to the Management Console:

  • Verify that you have typed the correct IP address and port. In the Web browser, enter HTTPS, the ProxySG IP address, and port 8082 (the default management port). For example, if the IP address is, enter the URL in the Web browser.
  • If you are unsure of the IP Address for the ProxySG, the only way you can verify the address of the ProxySG without the Web interface is to connect to the serial console using a serial cable and display the network configuration.
  • Verify that your workstation is configured and working properly by connecting to other Web sites (such as If your browser is configured to use the ProxySG as the proxy server and there is a problem with the ProxySG, this test might fail.
  • If you are accessing a ProxySG located on a remote network, verify that other servers on that network are accessible.
  • Try pinging the ProxySG IP address to verify that the ProxySG is accessible from the workstation. If the ProxySG does not respond to the ping, it may not be operational.
  • See the Basic Troubleshooting Procedures Tech Brief.

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