Unable to download ProxyAV update files or BCWF databases

Solutions ID:    KB1161
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    03/30/2009

Problem Description

Unable to download ProxyAV update files or Blue Coat Web Filter (BCWF) database updates
Unable to download updates if an IP address is hard coded in the download address field


The ProxyAV or ProxySG with the Blue Coat Web Filter (BCWF) are configured with the IP address of in the download address field of the appliance instead of a DNS name.  Because the address is hard coded, the ProxyAV and ProxySG will not be able to download update files.

Blue Coat relocated a legacy data center, resulting in updated IP addresses.

Blue Coat Web Filter - Content Filtering
Resolution: Reset the download URL to use the default download location.

  1. Go to the Management Console > Configuration tab > Content Filtering
  2. Select the desired Content Filter Database provider
  3. Click the "Set to Default" button

AV Pattern Files
Resolution: Force a full update of the AV pattern files.

  1. In the ProxyAV management console select "Antivirus"
  2. Under "Action", check "Force Update"
  3. Click "Update"

Additional information:
Blue Coat's legacy data center will be fully decommissioned on Monday, September 29, 2008. Any appliances that are hard-coded to this IP address will not receive updates.

If you require any more information, please contact your support provider.

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