You need help licensing your ProxyAV running 3.1 or newer.

Solutions ID:    KB1243
Version:    5.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    08/28/2010

Problem Description

You need help licensing your ProxyAV running 3.1 or newer.
You need help manually renewing the license on your ProxyAV running 3.1 or newer.


Anti-virus scanning services cannot begin without a valid license installed on the AV appliance from one or more AV vendors. License Key files are obtained from the Blue Coat License Portal(BCLP), which requires your Blue Touch Online credentials for access.

Activate the License for AV 3.1

  • Log into the BCLP.
  • Select Blue Coat AV from the menu on your left.
  • Select Activate License from the menu on your left. 
  • Enter the Hardware Serial# (which is on the Management Console home page) and the Activation code that you received in an email. If you don't have an activation code or are having problems entering your activation code, you can skip the activation process and retrieve the license to proceed with manual installation. For more details see KB3991.
  • Accept the EULA.
  • To activate your license, click the Update license button in the License Key Automatic Installation section in the AV appliance. Also, check the Use Auto Update check box.


If you already have an AV appliance and subscription number, you can enter that subscription number in place of the activation code when you receive a new AV appliance.

If you have any questions, please contact Blue Coat Support Services.

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