ProxyAV: A general explanation of all the different Alerts

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Version:    2.0
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Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    04/14/2009

Problem Description

ProxyAV: A general explanation of all the different Alerts
You want a general explanation of all the different Alerts


Here are the alert definitions for ProxyAV:

Virus is found
<!-- Text here -->A virus was found in an ICAP session.

File was passed through without being scanned
Several settings on the Antivirus page enable the administrator to allow files to pass through ProxyAV unscanned.  For example, there is an antivirus file scanning timeout.

File was blocked (exclude virus case)
If a file is blocked for any reason other than a virus infection.  For example, the administrator decides to block password protected compressed files.

Failed to connect for update
The ProxyAV looks for new antivirus updates once every hour.  This fails if the ProxyAV does not have access to the Internet or if the file servers are down or unreachable.

Successful update
The ProxyAV checks for antivirus updates once per hour.  These files are updated regularly.  Enable this alert to find out when a new pattern file has been downloaded.

Subscription expiring
Your license to use antivirus software on the ProxyAV requires annual renewals.  The ProxyAV reminds you when the end of the subscription period is near.

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