Sample WCCP redirection for port 443

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Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    04/14/2009

Problem Description

Sample WCCP redirection for port 443
How do I setup WCCP for port 443 redirection?
You want an example of how to set up wccp for port 443 redirection


This configuration is intended only for environments where the proxy is terminating SSL for a specific website or websites.

Example 1, using service-group 99, and redirect port 443 only

    ProxySG configuration
    wccp version 2
    wccp enable
    service-group 99
    interface 1
    protocol 6
    service-flags ports-defined
    service-flags source-ip-hash
    ports 443 443 443 443 443 443 443 443

Example: using CLI to enter WCCP commands on the Router. If the local interface is E0 on the router this should work. If not then add the interface command to the local interface.

    router(conf)# conf t
    router(conf)# ip wccp 99 redirect-list 101
    router(conf)# int e0
    router(conf-if)# ip wccp 99 redirect out

define an accesslist that only redirects connections destined for the web site to the proxy

    access-list 101 permit ip host any
    access-list 101 deny ip any any

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