How do I configure the DNS proxy?

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Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    03/17/2009

Problem Description

How do I configure the DNS proxy?
How do I setup the DNS proxy?


By default, a DNS proxy service is created, but not enabled. To enable the DNS proxy in the Management Console go to Configuration > Services > Service Ports or Proxy Services.  Then set it from Bypass to Intercept and save your changes.

Note: The ProxySG is not a DNS server. It does not perform zone transfers, and recursive queries are forwarded to other name servers.

You can configure the DNS proxy from the CLI using the following commands.
SGOS#(config services)dns
SGOS#(config services dns)create ip_address:port

For more information about the DNS proxy, including how to create a DNS proxy resolving name list through the CLI, please refer to Managing the DNS-Proxy in Chapter 5 of the Configuration and Management Guide (CMG).

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