Configuring Health Checks on the ProxySG

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Version:    2.0
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Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    04/15/2009

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Configuring Health Checks on the ProxySG


The ProxySG can perform health checks on HTTP, HTTPS, ICAP, Websense (off-box), and SOCKS gateways, as well as Layer-3, and Layer 4 forwarding hosts. The ProxySG periodically verifies the health status, and thus the availability, of the host. The time interval between checks is configurable. A failed health check results in administrator notification.

Health checks are configurable in the Management Console by going to the Management Console > Configuration tab > Health Checks > General.

Here you can specify the type of health check and how long to wait between health checks to 'healthy' servers, as well as 'sick' servers. You can also specify health checks occur after a specified number of failed connections on the server. For more information about health checks, please refer to the Configuration and Management Guide (CMG) for your version of SGOS.  The CMG can be downloaded at .  If you are running SGOS 4.x, the health checks are discussed in "Chapter 12:  Health Checks".  If you are running SGOS 5.x, the health checks are discussed in Volume 5: Advanced Networking; "Chapter 14: Verifying the Health of Services Configured on the ProxySG".

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