Configuring Virtual IP Addresses on the ProxySG

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Version:    2.0
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Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    04/16/2009

Problem Description

Configuring Virtual IP Addresses on the ProxySG
You want help configuring Virtual IP Addresses


Virtual IP (VIP) addresses are addresses assigned to a system that are recognized by other systems on the network. Up to 255 VIPs can be configured on each ProxySG.

    To add a VIP using the Management Console:
    1. Select Configuration > Network > Advanced > VIPs.
    2. Click New. The Add VIP dialog displays.
    3. Enter the virtual IP address you want to use. It can be any IP address, except a multicast address. (A multicast address is a group address, not an individual IP address.)
    4. Click OK; then click Apply.

    To add a VIP using the CLI:
    SGOS# (config) virtual-ip address ip_address
    To delete a VIP address using the CLI:
    SGOS# (config) virtual-ip no address ip_address

    To remove all VIPs using the CLI:
    SGOS# (config) virtual-ip clear

Note: You cannot create a VIP address that is the IP address used by the origin content server.  You must assign a different address on the ProxySG, and use DNS and forwarding to point to the origin content server's real IP address.

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