Identifying the serial number of your ProxySG

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Published date:    03/02/2009
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Problem Description

Identifying the serial number of your ProxySG
You want help identifying the serial number of your ProxySG


The serial number can be viewed in the Management Console, from the command line interface, or on the actual device itself.


FROM THE MANAGEMENT CONSOLE (https://<ip.address.of.proxysg>:/8082/ ):

SGOS 5.4.x or higher:  The hardware serial number will be displayed on the top of the screen in a dark blue marquis.  The marquis will show the model number, the serial number (S/N), and the version of SGOS running on the ProxySG.

SGOS 5.3.x or lower: Click on the "Home" text link in the upper right hand corner of the Management Console.  This will present a splash page which will contain both the hardware serial number and the SGOS version currently running.



Once connected to the CLI, use the "show ver" command to display the hardware serial number and SGOS version.



ProxySG model 200/210:  The labels for these appliances may be found in one of two locations:

  • On the back of the unit.  A small label will have a bar code and the serial number on it.
  • On the bottom of the unit there will be a larger label containing specifications and other information.


ProxySG model 510/510:  Facing the rear of the unit, you will see the serial number towards the right side near the location where you can install an option card.  The serial number sticker will be either above or below this slot.

ProxySG model 8100:  The label for these appliances can be found in two possible locations:

  • Facing the rear of the unit, a small label at the top center with a bar code.
  • Facing the rear of the unit, just about the power supply.



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