Restoring a ProxySG Configuration Using SGME/Director

Solutions ID:    KB1342
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    10/11/2012

Problem Description

You need help restoring a ProxySG configuration.


If you encounter problems on a ProxySG appliance using a modified configuration, you can use a saved backup to restore a known good configuration.

When a backup is restored, the following procedure takes place:

  • The restore-defaults command is sent over the configured protocol. This command will restart the ProxySG.
  • The SSH Simple protocol is used for reconnecting.
  • After reconnecting, the backup is applied to the SG, then the connection protocol is switched to the configured protocol.

Note: A backup can only be restored to the ProxySG from which it was created. A backup can't be restored to a different ProxySG.

For instructions on how to restore a ProxySG backup, see the appropriate guide section for your SGME version, as shown below.  The Configuration and Management Guide (CMG) for SGME can be downloaded from .

  • SGME 5.x
    Chapter 14: Backing up Director and Devices; Section A: Backing Up Devices; Restoring a Backup.
  • SGME 4
    Chapter 5: Configuration Management; Section E: Managing Backups; Restoring a Backup

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