Return-to-sender feature on the SGOS CLI

Solutions ID:    KB1389
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    04/22/2009

Problem Description

Return-to-sender feature on the SGOS CLI
What does the return-to-sender in the CLI do?
You want help with the return-to-sender feature


The return-to-sender feature eliminates unnecessary network traffic when the three following conditions are met:

  • The ProxySG has connections to clients or servers on a different subnet.
  • The shortest route to the clients or servers is not through the default gateway.
  • There are no static routes or RIP routes defined that apply to the IP addresses of the clients and servers.

Under these conditions, if the return-to-sender feature is enabled, the ProxySG remembers the MAC address of the last hop for a packet from the client or server and sends any responses or requests to the MAC address instead of the default gateway.

For more information about the return-to-sender feature, including the CLI syntax, please refer to #(config) return-to-sender in the CLI Reference guide.  The CLI reference guide is available at for the version of SGOS running your ProxySG.

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