Information about Bandwidth Management on the ProxySG

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Information about Bandwidth Management on the ProxySG
You want information about Bandwidth Management


Bandwidth management (BWM) is a new feature in SGOS 4. It allows you to classify, control, and limit the amount of bandwidth used by different classes of network traffic flowing into or out of the ProxySG.

 Using bandwidth management you can do the following:

  • Guarantee that certain traffic classes receive a specified minimum amount of available bandwidth.
  • Limit certain traffic classes to a specified maximum amount of bandwidth.
  • Prioritize certain traffic classes to determine which classes have priority over available bandwidth.

For more information about bandwidth management, and for help implementing bandwidth management (including policy examples), refer to the Configuration and Management Guide (CMG) for your version of SGOS.  The CMGs are located at .

For SGOS 6.x, see Chapter 24: Bandwidth Management in the CMG. (SGOS 6.3.x Administration Guide (PDF))

For SGOS 5.x, see Volume 5: Advanced Networking; Chapter 5: Bandwidth Management in the CMG.

For SGOS 4.x, see Chapter 10: Bandwidth Management in the CMG.

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30K • < 1 minute @ 56k, < 1 minute @ broadband

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