HTTP live streams and ICAP scanning

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Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    04/22/2009

Problem Description

HTTP live streams and ICAP scanning
How do you bypass scanning for HTTP live streams?
How to exempt HTTP live streams from response modification
You want information on HTTP live streams


Below is a list of examples that demonstrate how to exempt HTTP live streams from response modification, as they are not supported by ICAP.  The CPL designates user agents that are bypassed.

CPL Examples

url.scheme=http request.header.User-Agent="RealPlayer G2" response.icap_service(no)
url.scheme=http request.header.User-Agent="(RMA)" response.icap_service(no)
url.scheme=http request.header.User-Agent="(Winamp)" response.icap_service(no)
url.scheme=http request.header.User-Agent="(NSPlayer)" response.icap_service(no)
url.scheme=http request.header.User-Agent="(Windows-Media-Player)" response.icap_service(no)
url.scheme=http request.header.User-Agent="QuickTime" response.icap_service(no)
url.scheme=http request.header.User-Agent="(RealMedia Player)" response.icap_service(no)


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