Instructions on how to upgrade or roll back Director

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Problem Description

Instructions on how to upgrade or roll back Director
You want instructions on how to upgrade Director
You want instructions on how to roll back Director
How do I upgrade Director 510?
How do I roll back Director 510?


Getting started: 

This article discusses how to upgrade or roll back the Director 510 or Director 800 appliance to SGME 5.x. The attached PDFs assume you are upgrading to the most recently available SGME version; instructions for upgrading to earlier versions (for example, SGME 4.x) are different. For information on the upgrade/rollback process for those earlier SGME versions, consult the Director Configuration and Management Guide for that release.  The Director Configuration and Management Guides are found at .

Before you begin, make sure you understand the following:
  • The Director 510 enables you to upgrade to any supported SGME version; however, rollback is limited to the SGME version immediately preceding the upgrade. For example, you can upgrade from SGME > > and roll back to SGME only. You cannot roll back to a different version than the one from which you upgraded.
  • You will have already downloaded the upgrade image from the Bluecoat website, and uploaded it to a FTP server, before you begin step one.
  • To download your upgrade image, goto, login with your bluetouch credentials, and download your required version.
  • Upgrades can only be done in steps.  see FAQ1172 for the matrix.
Detailed information:
NOTE: For each command in the Comnand line interface ( CLI) , you can offer a question mark "?" at the end to seek out further variations of it.
1: Getting access to the command line interface- CLI:
To upgrade your Director software, you will need to be logged in to the Command Line interface- CLI. To do this, follow these steps:
  • Open a SSH session to to the Director box, you are about to upgrade.
  • Enter the enable mode by following the steps.
  • director > enable
  • Password:
  • director #
1A: Enter the configuration mode, by following these steps.
  • director # config t
  • director (config) #
 2: Making a backup of your current configuration:
  • Save Director's current configuration using the configuration mode command: write memory.
  • Recommended. Save Director's configuration to a file using the configuration mode command: configuration write configuration-file-name.
  • Recommended. Archive Director's configuration and save it to an external server, See article KB1441.
3: Retrieving your software:
 Fetch the upgrade image from an external server to which Director has access, by entering this command:
  1. director (config) # upgrade-package fetch username sysadmin
    • TIP1: If you don't supply the password, as the above example has not, you'll be prompted for it.
    • TIP2: You need to supply the double forward slash, as the above example shows, before your path to the file.
  2. Using the above command, the installation package will be downloaded and verified automatically.
  3. If you did not use the  CLI to copy the upgrade package to the Director’s local disk, it is recommended you use this command to verify the package before installing:
    1.  director (config) # upgrade-package verify filename

NOTE: Director supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and SCP URLs.

4: Performing the upgrade:
To Install the new upgrade-package that you just downloaded, enter this command:
  1. director (config) # upgrade-package install filename.   
  2. TIP: During installation, Director saves a snapshot of the current OS version and reboots.  You should see something similiar to this output on the screen, prior to reboot.  
    1. Warning: The install process will install the upgrade and reboot the director
      Proceed with installation? (yes or no)yes
      Configuration File config- is created
      Please wait while the install process is in progress.
      This can take up to 3 minutes.
      The director will reboot after the install is complete.
  3.  Once its rebooted, log back in, and verify that you are now running the expected version, by entering this command. 
    1.  director > show version
5: Rolling back to the previous version:
Rollback requires only one step using one of the bellow standard mode CLI commands:
  • upgrade-package rollback  (Director 510)
  • TIP: You will need to use the 'switch to' command to restore your configuration.  See KB4829 for more information on this command.
 NOTE: When you install an upgrade package, the appliance takes a snapshot of the currently running release and saves it, enabling you to return to it. However, you cannot store any additional images on Director, and you cannot install a version of the operating system earlier than SGME
Getting more information in the manuals:
The attachments to this article discuss the step-by-step details of upgrading and rolling back the Director 510 and Director 800. Note the following:
  • The attachments are from the Director Configuration and Management Guide.
  • The page numbering in the attachments is the same as the page numbering in the Configuration and Management Guide books.
  • Some cross-references in the attachments do not work because they refer to other sections or chapters in the book.
  • The Director 800 upgrade/rollback instructions contain some information about Director 510; you can ignore that information.
  • The attachments discuss how to get the entire Director Configuration and Management Guide, and Blue Coat strongly recommends you do so.
Note: If you do not see the attachments, log in to the Knowledge Base using your BlueTouch Online credentials.
For other related articles, see the following:
  • Director documentation available from
  • Blue Coat KB article KB1441, about archiving (that is, backing up) Director.
  • Blue Coat KB article KB1568, the SGME-SGOS compatibility matrix.
  • For detailed troubleshooting instructions , see KB4143 and  FAQ1007
  • For a list of what ports Director uses, see  KB3457
  • Why you can't download/upgrade directrly from the site- KB4190


232K • < 1 minute @ 56k, < 1 minute @ broadband


232K • < 1 minute @ 56k, < 1 minute @ broadband

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