Configuring load balancing and weighting across multiple ICAP servers

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Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    04/22/2009

Problem Description

Configuring load balancing and weighting across multiple ICAP servers
You want to configure load balancing and weighting across ICAP servers


The ProxySG supports weighted load balancing in forwarding requests to service groups. By default, the ProxySG performs typical round-robin load balancing and evenly forwards requests sequentially to servers as defined within the service group. Manually assigning weights takes advantage of round-robin load balancing in service groups that are not homogeneous, or where the servers have different capacities.

Weighting determines what proportion of the load one server bears relative to the others. If all servers have either the default weight (1) or the same weight, each share an equal proportion of the load. If one server has weight 25 and all other servers have weight 50, the 25-weight server processes half as much as any other server.

To assign weights to ICAP services in a service group using the Management Console, do the following:

  1. Go to Configuration > External Services > Service-Groups
  2. If necessary create and name a new service group using the New button
  3. If necessary add ICAP services to the service group by Editing the service group
  4. To edit the weightings, select the desired service group and click edit; then from the Service Group list, select the desired service and click Edit.
  5. Set the desired weighting for the service (from 0-255), then click OK, OK, and Apply

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