Internet Explorer Cookie Limitations

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Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    04/23/2009

Problem Description

Internet Explorer Cookie Limitations
You want to know about Internet Explorer Cookie Limitations


Internet Explorer is limited to 20 cookies per domain, which in turn imposes limitations on how you define Web links for Connector or Secure Reverse Proxy users.

Because the Connector and Secure Reverse Proxy use one cookie to identify the user's session, users will see errors if they attempt to access sites that set more than 19 cookies per domain. When the 20th cookie is set, the Secure Reverse Proxy session cookie is discarded by Internet Explorer and the user sees an error such as: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage. The error also displays when the user attempts to log out.

Users experience this problem only when they open links to Web pages using the Connector (Favorites menu) or the Secure Reverse Proxy in multiple Web browser windows simultaneously. However, because some Web sites set several domain cookies at a time, users might experience this issue after opening only a few Web pages.

Note: Because of the differences in the way the Connector portal and Secure Reverse Proxy access Web sites, Secure Reverse Proxy users are much more likely to experience this problem than are Connector users. The Connector uses the real host name (such as, while the Secure Reverse Proxy uses a host name like Therefore, Secure Reverse Proxy users will experience the error after opening the 19th link to showmera.


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