You want to start or stop the WebSense (off-box) Server

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Version:    2.0
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Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    04/28/2009

Problem Description

You want to start or stop the WebSense (off-box) Server


On Windows NT4 or Windows 2000:

  1. Open the Control Panel and select Services. In Microsoft Windows 2000, the Services icon is in the Administrative Tools folder.
  2. Scroll to Websense server. If Websense is running, the entry in the status column is started. If Websense is stopped, the status column has no entry.
  3. To stop or start Websense, select Websense server and then click the stop or start button.
  4. Click Close to exit the Services dialog box.

On Solaris:

  • To start Websense, add the Websense directory to your PATH environment variable and enter start_websense at the shell command prompt.
  • To stop a Websense server on Solaris enter the following command:
      prompt> ps –ef | grep openserverd
    The Process Identifier (PID) for openserverd will be the first value in the output message.
    Then enter the following command:
      prompt> kill -9 openserverd PID

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