Why are there FDR collection errors?

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Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/02/2009
Updated:    11/18/2013

Problem Description

The collector.log file on DataCollector server has error messages that state that the FDR format is not supported. 


If your PacketShapers are emitting a type of FDR that DataCollector does not support, you may see the following error message in your collector.log file in the /log directory in the DataCollector installation location (C:\BlueCoat\DataCollector by default):

Error: FdrCollectorMgr::ProcessPacket:Format xxx is not supported yet.

Where xxx represents one of the following FDR versions:

  • 615: Packeteer-1
  • 617: Packeteer-P
  • 625: Packeteer-1 intermediate FDR, non-cumulative
  • 626: Packeteer-2 intermediate FDR, non-cumulative
  • 635: Packeteer-1 intermediate FDR, cumulative
  • 636: Packeteer-2 intermediate FDR, cumulative

If you see this message, you need to change the type of FDR that your PacketShapers are emitting to DataCollector. DataCollector reports on NetFlow-5 (version number 5) and Packeteer-2 (version number 616) only. For instructions on setting the type of FDR that the PacketShaper emits, refer to Define Flow Detail Record Collectors in PacketGuide for PacketWise.

Additionally, DataCollector does not support Intermediate FDR. For instructions on how to turn off intermediate FDR on your PacketShaper, refer to Enable Intermediate FDRs in PacketGuide for PacketWise.

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