ICAP Settings for ProxyAV 2.x

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Published date:    06/01/2009
Updated:    06/10/2009

Problem Description

ICAP Settings for ProxyAV 2.x


ProxyAV 2.2 to 2.4

In ProxyAV 2.2, you can set limits on the file sizes allowed to be scanned on the Scanning Behavior page.  Scanning will stop at the specified size.  For information about the maximum allowable limits and the alerts you will receive in the case of file scanning failures due to these limits, please refer to KB2901, Specifying the Limits of Scannable Files in the ProxyAV Configuration and Management Guide.

ProxyAV 2.1

The Maximum file size the ProxyAV can scan (or be configured to) is 512MB; anything above this file size and the ProxyAV fails-closed.  The default is 100MB, which is the Blue Coat recommended value.  To serve files greater than 512MB without scanning, you must configure the ProxySG to fail-open.

In ProxyAV 2.1, the maximum size of files to scan can be configured in the ICAP Settings page.

Click on KB2899 for help with the ProxyAV 2.1 ICAP settings page.

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