Access to web site requires repeated logon attempts and fails

Solutions ID:    KB2920
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/09/2009

Problem Description

Authenticating to a web site using Internet Explorer will initially prompt user for logon credentials.  After entering the correct credentials and hitting enter the logon prompt is returned.  The prompt can appear 6-8 times and not all the content of the web page is displayed. 
Deleting browser cache and cookies and then attempting to hit the web site will prompt for authentication three times and then display a blank page.


Workaround 1:  Using Firefox 3 or Google Chrome would allow authentication to the proxy and to the web site to work as expected.

Workaround 2:  bypass proxy authentication would allow Internet Explorer to authenticate normally to the web site.


Additional Notes:
Internet Explorer would exhibit a problem loading a web page when it first authenticates to the proxy (407) and then authenticates to the web site (401).  This was duplicated with IE 6, 7, and 8 against SG OS 4.2.x.x and 5.3.x.x.
Both proxy and web site authentications used NTLM.
LAN traces showed that the NTLM challenge and challenge response data was not modified when going through the proxy.
This problem was seen in both explicit and transparent deployments.

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