Reporter 9 shows no data with custom log format

Solutions ID:    KB2985
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/26/2009
Updated:    11/25/2009

Problem Description

Reporter 9 shows no data with custom log format
Processing logs with a custom format shows no data in Reporter 9

The same log does show data in Reporter 8


You can customize which fields you want in the access log format but you must have the following 3 fields:




Additional Notes:

The custom log format that did not work in Reporter 9 was missing cs-uri-scheme.  Here is the access log format that was giving Reporter 9 problems:

date time c-ip sc-bytes time-taken s-action r-ip sc-status rs-status rs-bytes cs-bytes cs-auth-type cs-username sc-filter-category sc-filter-result cs-method cs-host cs-version sr-bytes cs-uri cs(Referer) rs(Content-Type) cs(User-Agent) cs(Cookie)

The problem was resolved when manually adding cs-uri-scheme to the end of these fields and adding the data in each log line for cs-uri-scheme.

To ensure that all Reports to work properly, Bluecoat recomends that all required fields, mentioned in this article,  are  in place:

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