How to configure hostname of PacketShaper in CLI and Web GUI

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Version:    2.0
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Published date:    07/15/2009
Updated:    11/12/2013

Problem Description

 By default, the CLI prompt for PacketShaper will be as below.


The unit name of the Web GUI normally will be the serial number of PacketShaper.


 In order to differentiate the PacketShaper ( especially when you have to log into multiple PacketShapers at the same time), you can change the PacketShaper prompt to either the IP address of PacketShaper or its DNS host name. The procedure to change the host name of PacketShaper in CLI and Web GUI is as below.

A. Configure host name as prompt in CLI

1. On PacketShaper, run command 'sys set showNameInCLI 1'.
2. On the DNS server, create a record on Reverse Lookup Zones and Forward Lookup Zone.
3. Make sure you can ping the DNS server(s) from the PacketShaper CLI. (If you can't, you may have set the inside or outside interface to Secure. See Specify Security Settings in PacketGuide for details.)
4. Please correct DNS server IP address(es) are listed in your PacketWise DNS configuration. (Look on the Setup page in the browser interface.)


Host name displayed as prompt in CLI, please see below.


Note: If the DNS name cannot be resolved, it will show the IP address of the device.

B. Configure hostname in Web GUI

1. Log into the Web GUI of PacketShaper.
2. Go to Setup tab and select 'Basic' setup page.
3. Change 'Unit Name' to the host name. For example, 'MichellePS'.
4. Click the 'Apply Changes' button.



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