When registering a ProxySG via Director, error shows "connection error"

Solutions ID:    KB3157
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/29/2009

Problem Description

When configuring Director to register a ProxySG, an error message "connection error" shows up in GUI and CLI.
Unable to register a ProxySG in Director




It is possible that the Director does not have an appliance certificate installed.

To confirm whether Director has an appliance certificate, please do the following:

1. Use a Secure Shell (SSH) application or serial console to connect to Director

2. Log in as an administrator (or admin) as below:

director login: admin
Last login: Mon Aug 10 05:55:51 on ttyS0
  Copyright (c) 1997-2009, BlueCoat Systems, Inc.

  Welcome to SG-ME #38189 2009.03.16-092918

director >
director > en
director #
director # config t
director (config) #
director (config) # show ssl appliance-certificate
appliance-certificate does not exist. Please request/import one first.

If the "appliance-certificate does not exist." message appears, please use the following steps to obtain an appliance certificate.


Obtaining a Director Appliance Certificate with Internet access

To get a Director appliance certificate for a Director appliance that has access to the Internet:

director # config t
director (config) #
director (config) # ssl request-appliance-certificate
Requesting certificate
Verifying certificate
Certificate verified successfully

NOTE:  This command creates a new private key, creates the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) signature for the private key, and sends the CSR to Blue Coat to get a corresponding appliance certificate.

To display the appliance certificate, please do the following command:

director (config) # show ssl appliance-certificate


Additional Info:

Please refer to the Director Configuration and Management Guide (CMG) for the "No Internet Access" instruction on getting a Director apliance certificate.  The CMGs are located at


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