Avoid FLV videos (e.g.: youtube and etc) from AV scanning

Solutions ID:    KB3175
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/30/2009

Problem Description

FLV file format videos are mostly use in streaming website, for example the major video streaming site
Youtube videos uses file format .flv and it is exstreamly heavy for AV to scan video content.



There is a workaround on Proxy SG to not to use ICAP response service, that will also effectively avoid .flv file from AV scanning.

On Web content layer > new Rule
Set Response Header Object, and follow below configuration
Name: Content Type video/x-flv
Show: All
Header Name: Content-Type
Header Regex: video/x-flv

On Action
Set ICAP Response Service Object
Select Do not use any ICAP response service Click OK to continue

Install policy on VPM and you are done with it.

For this configuration, all flv files will not be scanned.

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