Can I use my Reporter 8.X license on a 9.X server?

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Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/17/2009
Updated:    09/23/2009

Problem Description

I have just upgraded my Reporter server and I am now using Reporter 9.1.  However, Reporter 9.1 is unlicensed and will stop log processing logs once it's injected  50  Million log lines.  Can I re-use the license key I had in Reporter 8.X? 


Yes, the Reporter license is perpetual, and therefore you can re-use it.   The Reporter 8.x license will allow you to process up to 2.5 Billion log lines per server.

Here's what to do.

Find and edit the licenses.cfg file in the in this folder of your old Reporter server.

C:\Program Files\Blue Coat Reporter\LogAnalysisInfo

Cut and paste the license out of the file- It is the number in-between the inverted commas.

Login into your Reporter 9.x server and go to the Administration > General Settings tab. 

Click on the "About / Licenseing" option.

Paste in the number to this text box, and press save.

You should now be re-using your perpetual license for Reporter.

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