"Log Object not ready for upload" message is returned and you cannot save existing accesslog from ProxySG URL.

Solutions ID:    KB3297
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/21/2009

Problem Description

When you visit try following ProxySG URL to save existing accesslog because of FTP uploading failure or some reason.

     (Change xx.xx.xx.xx to your ProxySG IP address)

However "Log Object not ready for upload" will be retuned after clicking download file and the file can't be downloaded.


In this situation, the target accesslog file is occupied by ProxySG and you need to rotate the file before downloading it. Please try following CLI command for the specific accesslog profile.

    ProxySG#configure terminal
      Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CTRL-Z.
    ProxySG#(config access-log)
    ProxySG#(config access-log)edit log main
      Please change accesslog profile name (in this example, editing "main" accesslog profile) which you would like to rotate
    ProxySG#(config log main)commands cancel-upload
    ProxySG#(config log main)commands close-connection
    ProxySG#(config log main)commands rotate-remote-log

If above commands don't help, restart ProxySG to force rotating the file. Then you can re-visit the above URL to download the accesslog.


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