Why do I sometimes see disk numbers of greater than 47 on outputs in the eventlogs?

Solutions ID:    KB3314
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/26/2009

Problem Description

I sometimes see disk numbers of great than 47 on eventlog outputs.  Why?


When disks are re-initialized in place, the original disk process's id is incremented by 48 and a new disk process is created for that disk.  Hence, this value shows that the disk has been reinited for some problem encountered while it was running.  The eventlog message will give more details as per below (for example):

2009-08-23 08:34:55+04:00GST  "Disk 51 - Read error storage_status=00020002,hardware_status=03110102 has occurred at block 0002675D"  0 48007:64 Mailed ../ced.cpp:1465

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