What are the IP addresses for,, and

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Problem Description

What are the IP addresses for,, and
What are the IP addresses for
What are the IP addresses of
I want to open my firewall so the Blue Coat products can download updates.
What IP addresses do I need to open up the firewall for Blue Coat product updates?
What are the Blue Coat Web Filter (BCWF) IP addresses?
What are the WebPulse IP addresses?
What are the DRTR IP addresses?
What is the IP address for the ProxyOne update server?


NOTE:  Blue Coat periodically updates and changes the IP addresses of their services.  The following IP addresses are current as of this writing, but they may change at any time and without notice.  Every attempt will be made to keep this Solution as up-to-date as possible.  Please note, in the case of, only one IP address is returned at a time in response to a DNS query.  In the event of a failure of that IP address, one of the other active addresses will be returned.******

* as already described by FAQ1515
** These IPs are only returned when the request originates in China.

ProxyOne Update Server


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