How do I upload/obtain a Reporter 9 diagnostics file?

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Version:    5.0
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Published date:    09/18/2009
Updated:    07/14/2011

Problem Description

How do I upload/obtain a Reporter 9 diagnostics file?

If my Reporter server has not direct access to the internet, how do I upload the diagnositics ZIP file?


In the Reporter 9 GUI, go to Administration -> System Diagnostics -> and enter the Service Request number in the "SR Number" field and press "Upload."

If the Reporter server does not have direct access to the internet, or if you use an explicit proxy for your Internet access the above will fail. (To configure Reporter to use your Proxy, please see the "Explicit Proxy Settings" note at the bottom of this document) In this case, obtain the file from the Reporter install directory and upload it to This process can also be used when the Reporter service has failed. Please see NOTE 1 below.

Default folders:
The default Reporter 9 install directories are as follows:

For Windows:

  • "C:\Program Files\Blue Coat Reporter 9\"

For Linux:

  • /opt/bc/reporter/


NOTE1: The file can also be created while Reporter is not running. To do so, navigate to the root of your Reporter installation (see above for default root install folders), run bcrdiagnostics (it will have an .exe extension in Windows), enter in your SR number and press return. If your server does not have direct Internet access, the upload will fail, but the zip file will be generated in the root install directory regardless. 

NOTE2: If you need to procure diagnostics from Reporter version 8.x, follow the instructions here:

NOTE3:  If you need more information on how to upload files to Bluecoat, see KB4184


Explicit proxy settings:

For those customers who use a explicit proxy connection, follow these steps.

  • Login with your admin account, and naviagate to the administration section of the UI.
  • Click on the "General settings" tab.
  • Click on "System Settings > External Servers >  Proxy Servers.
  • Click on the box to '"Enable Explicit Proxy" settings, and fill out the template with your IP address, username and password and port number.

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