How do I add CPL to a local policy file on the ProxySG?

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Version:    2.0
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Published date:    10/14/2009
Updated:    11/22/2011

Problem Description

How do I add CPL to a local policy file on the ProxySG?
Technical Support wants me to add CPL or policy to my local policy file.
How do I add data to the local policy file?


The local policy file gives you the ability to add CPL based policy in addition to your visual policy manager (VPM) policy.  Sometimes Blue Coat Technical Support may ask that local policy be implemented so that troubleshooting or diagnostic data may be obtained.  Or a solution to your issue may be solved by a few lines of CPL.  Here are the steps to go in and edit the local policy file:

  1. Launch and log into the Management Console on your ProxySG.  The URL for the Management Console is https://<ip.address.of.proxysg>:8082/ .
  2. Click on the Configuration tab > Policy > Policy files > Policy files tab. 
  3. There is an "Install policy" section where you can install policy from a local file, forward file, and central file.
  4. Select "Text Editor" from the drop down list to the right of "Install Local file from:" text.  Click on the Install button to the right of that drop down box.
  5. If this is a new proxy deployment, your local policy may be blank.  If this is an established proxy with local policy, scroll down to the bottom of the data contained in the text editor.
  6. Copy and paste the CPL text that you received from your support person.  Click on the Install, OK, and Close buttons in that order.  Click on the Apply button.  Your new policy has been installed.



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