Policy transformation error accessing

Solutions ID:    KB3498
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/16/2009
Updated:    10/15/2013

Problem Description

When the ProxySG contains both entries below, you will receive a transformation_error exception page when you access. They are:
- a two-way URL rewrite policy that contains a "transform" action
- a policy to disable support for GZIP encoding

The Transformation Error occurred because UTF-8 is not a valid parameter for the Content-Encoding header. By design, the transformer will refuse to perform transformation if it does not understand how the content is encoded.


Ensure the Accept-Encoding: gzip is retained in the HTTP Request by leaving the domain out from the decompress action.

An example of the CPL used to trigger the problem :

define url_rewrite BlockBadJavascript
    rewrite_script_substring '[Blocked FileSystemObject]' 'FileSystemObject'
    rewrite_script_substring '[Blocked vbscript]' 'vbscript'
    rewrite_script_substring '[Blocked WScript.Shell]' 'WScript.Shell'
    rewrite_script_substring '[Blocked Shell.Application]' 'Shell.Application'

define Action BlockBadJavascript_action
    transform BlockBadJavascript

define action ForceUncompressedResponse



; The following entry can also be used to replace the <Cache> layer above to trigger the problem


Solution to the example above:

    url.domain=! action.ForceUncompressedResponse(yes)

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