How do I customize a Report, on Reporter, version 9.1.x?

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Published date:    10/19/2009
Updated:    10/19/2009

Problem Description

How do I configure a brand new report, from scratch, on Reporter, version 9.1.X?

How to I create my own Report on Reporter, version 9.1.x?

Is is possible to create, or merge multiple reports into one reporter on Reporter, version 9.1.x?


With Reporter, version 9.1.x,  creating your own custom report, or customizing an existing one, is easy- here's how.

NOTE: You cannot merge two reports into one report, on any Reporter version.

Creating a brand new Report:

  • Login as the user you want to create the report for.

NOTE: Reports you create, or customize, are only viewable by the user who created them; they cannot, currently, be shared between users.

  • Navigate to your database, and click on the Reports tab.
  • At the top right of your screen you will see a button called "New Report"; click on that.
  • Give the report a name, and choose what data you want to Summarize the report by.  You can choose up to three criteria, and these elements will the data that is always displayed going from left to Right on your Report.  They will become the basis for your reports data.  You get to choose how many rows that will be displayed per criteria. 
  • The next option allows you permanently set a filter on this report.  You can filter out certain dates, or click "add criteria" and filter in, or out, certain types of data.  For example, you could create a report that only showed data for a certain user, or group of users here.
  • The next option is to select what other data you want to see in the report.  Here you could add in a cost calculation to show how much bandwidth a certain user is using, or how much time he/she is costing by browsing the internet. On the sort by drop down menu, you can also select how you want your data sorted.
  • The last option allows you to save, and run the report. Here you can save the report into a particular category group.


Customizing an existing Report:

  • Login with the user you want to save the report for.

NOTE: Reports you create, or customize, are only viewable by the user who created them; they cannot, currently, be shared between users.

  • Load the database you want to customize the report for.
  • Run the report you need to customize.
  • Click on Report options, and make the necesary filtering changes for dates and filtering criteria you need.
  • Run the report.
  • Richt Click on the bar accross the top of the report, and add, or subtract  in the coloms you desire.
  • Navigate to the top of the report, and click on "save as' and save the report with the name you desire. 
  • Here you can also place the report in a report group.
  • You will now be able to run this report, with these options, every time.

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