How do I setup the SmartFTP FTP client to work through the ProxySG?

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Published date:    10/23/2009

Problem Description

How do I setup the SmartFTP FTP client to work through the ProxySG?
The ProxySG uses authentication.  How do I get SmartFTP to work with proxy authentication?


The SmartFTP 4.0 client can only be configured for an HTTP or SOCKS type proxy.  It does not know how to use an FTP proxy.  This document will configure the SmartFTP client to use FTP over HTTP and not SOCKS.  Assuming the HTTP proxy is configured on port 8080, you will see a CONNECT ip.address.of.ftpserver:21 on port 8080 on the wire between the workstation and the proxy.  This is normal and expected.  The data provided below was gathered using SmartFTP Professional Edition v4.0.1054.0.  Your experience may change depending on the version of SmartFTP you are using.

NOTE:  Once the proxy settings are all configured on the client, if the SmartFTP client works once and then fails several times and then works once and then fails, please see KB3341 for a way to work around the issue.


  1. Open or launch the SmartFTP client.
  2. Click on Tools > Settings > General/Favorites.
  3. In the Favorites section, click on the "Edit" button under "Default Favorite".  Please see figure #1 below.
  4. A "Properties" window will open.  Go down to Connection and click on Proxy.  See figure #2 below.
  5. In the Proxy properties window, set the following:
    1. Type:  Select "HTTP Proxy - Connection Tunnel" from the drop down menu.
    2. Settings:
      1. Host:  Enter the IP address or DNS name of the ProxySG.
      2. Port:  Change the port from 21 to 8080.  If you are using a port other than 8080 to intercept HTTP traffic, then enter the appropriate port number.
      3. Put a check mark next to "Login to Proxy / Firewall"
      4. User:  This is the username that will be passed to the ProxySG for authentication purposes.  In this example, it is bob.kent .
      5. Password:  Enter the proxy user's password into this field.
      6. Click on the OK button twice to save your changes
  6. Test.  Connect to one of your favorite FTP servers and test.


Figure #1:




Figure #2:




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