Slow access to with SGOS 5.5

Solutions ID:    KB3664
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/17/2010

Problem Description

You may experience slow access to <yourhost> with SGOS 5.5.1. Investigations show that it happens under the following conditions :
- short DNS TTL of 60 seconds for galaxy* which is a CNAME for <yourhost>
- DNS server not responding to our IPv6 DNS lookup. A few retries on the IPv6 DNS lookup will consume time and in turn, SG has less time to access the site before the DNS entry expires
- our attempts to perform the IPv6 DNS lookup whenever the IPv4 DNS cache expires, which is every 60 seconds


The following CPL should address the problem:

<Forward> server_url.dns_lookup(IPv4-Only)


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