Using the new 'Reports to' feature, how does Reporter , version 9.2.1, search for mangers, and subordinates, in Active Directory?

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Published date:    01/29/2010
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Problem Description

What attribute do we use to search the LDAP enabled tree to find this who the reporting structure?

 How do use the new Direct Reports feature in version Reporter, version 9.2.x ?

I see a new user filter option in Reporter, version 9.2.x that is called "Reports to"; How do you set this up?


To set this feature up, follow these steps.

NOTE: For this feature to work, you will need your LDAP Realm setup.  For details on how to do this, follow  KB3353

  • Login to Reporter with your admin account.
  • Navigate to the administration section.
  • Click on General Settings tab.
  • Click on Access Control, and then Roles.
  • Click on the 'New" button, and give it a name.
  • Choose the database(s) that this role will provide permissions for.
  • Click on the link for "add criteria' next to the database you chose.
  • For the filter, choose user.
  • On the second drop down, you should now see a 'reports to' criteria.  Click on this.
  • On the third drop down, you should now be able to select a user in the database.


What attribute do we look for in the AD tree?

We search the AD tree for user objects that have an attribute called "DIrect Reports".  We expect that this attribute contains the users that answer to the current logged in user.

We do not Search the AD tree for User objects that have a Managers attribute. In other words we search down the tree, not up. 

 Here is a picture of how it would look like in the Microsoft Management Console: 

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